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Training a Chow Chow

April - 27 - 2012

The Chow Chow dog comes from China and the age of this breed dates as back as the ancient China. Some specialists say that they originate from the Arctic and that they had migrated to Mongolia. The appearance of the Chow Chow is a combination between a bear and a lion. They are known in history for their hunting skills, for protecting their owners and for herding.

If you are looking for a dog who has its own way of thinking, who is not messy in the house and who does not need mush exercise than the Chow Chow dog is for you. If you do not train it properly it can become dominant, suspicious and develop a behavior where it does what it wants regardless of what you tell it. If you train it properly that means that you have had a lot of patience and time to spend with it and that you will a enjoy it you along with you family.

It is very important that you start the training as early as possible because they are very aggressive dogs. They should be trained when they are puppies even though they do not show signs of aggressiveness at this stage.

You have to earn the dogs respect if you want it to listen to you. The Chow Chow will not obey it it does not have a respect toward you. You must be harsh at first and correct every sign of aggression because this is the only way you will be able to prevent it from becoming more aggressive.

A good solution for correcting you Chow is to purchase an electric collar. Because of the dogs thick skin and independent attitude they will work together and counteract the effect of your action. This collar was designed to make you dog pay attention when you want to correct it.

You must train them surrounded by other dogs because this is the only way it will obey when you are surrounded by other dogs and when you are at home.

Make sure you buy it a kennel because it will use it when it wants to relax or sit in a quiet place. The kennel will give it the feeling of a safe place where it can escape from use humans.

To make sure your dog gets the proper training it needs do not do it yourself instead pay a professional to do the training for you. You will be assured that it will not attack humans or dogs.


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