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Somali Cat

December - 16 - 2011

The Somali Cat was introduced to the world in the 60s and is a fabricated breed having its origins in the Abyssinian cat with long hair. It is known that the Abyssinian cat has only short hair but in the 1900 it was mixed with a Persian cat and thus appeared the Abyssinian with long hair.

These cats are seldom accepted as being a breed on their own but they are known for their special appearance which resembles a fox and their humor. Starting with the 1991 the Somali cat was recognized as being a breed on its own. The change in perception happened when the breeders started to not accept the Somali cat as being the same as the Abyssinian cat.

They look like foxes. They come only in two colors: red and ruddy brown and they have a soft double coat. The ruby colored type has the tips of the hairs black. The body of the Somali cat is slim, slender and slightly longer than the Abyssinian cat. The legs are muscular but lender to go along with the arched back.

The Somali cat as a round head equipped with two ears which are set apart and always look alert. The eyes are very special, they come in gold or green color and they are surrounded by a black line as if they were penciled. The eyes are deep and very expressive.

The tail of the Somali cat is thick and long. The length of the coats hairs are not longer than 3 inches. They need daily brushing because of their long hair. They are full of life and always in need of their owner’s attention so make sure you satisfy that need.

As far as the color of the coat is concerned it comes only in four colors: Brown, red, blue gray and fawn. They can have spots coming in different colors. They can also have tabby stripes but they are not desired.

Because they are not pure breeds they are exposed to a few genetic diseases such as renal amyloidosis and Autoimmune hemolytic anemia. In order to prevent as much as possible this diseases make sure that you buy your Somali cat from a breeder. Buying it from a breeder means that they are healthy, vaccined and pure bred.

They make ideal pets because they are affectionate towards their owners and they like being around children.

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