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The Siberian Husky appeared for the first time in North Asia being used as sled dogs by the Normandy populations than the breed was brought in Alaska in 1909. It remained very few Husky dogs in their homeland most of them being exported in America after the race to deliver serum against diphtheria in 1925 in Alaska. Today, Husky became one of the most popular and loved companion dog throughout North America. This breed of dogs is classified in the category of “working dogs” and was registered for the first time in 1930 in American Kennel Club.

Because these dogs were initially create for traveling on long distances, Husky dogs are full of energy and love to move. Siberian Husky are medium sized dogs, strong and well established. The breed can have a wide variety of colors, almost any from black to pure white. One has to notice also the variety of spots on the head, not found to another breeds.

This dog has almond eyes moderately distanced and willing oblique and can have almost every color from crystal blue to brown of various shades. The ears are high and a little spaced lying on the top of head. The body is beefy and covered with a double fur which gives them a great resistance at very low temperatures (-50-60 Celsius degrees). The tail is long and bushy sickle shaped. The foot, well developed and wide is provided with hair through fingers. The entire conformation is supposed to be the result of the “polishing” done by the Alaska’s climate.

When adult, the Siberian Husky weights between 20-27 kg -the male and 16-22 kg female and heights 53-60 cm –male and 51-56 cm – female. Its barking seems rather a howl resembling with a wild wolf’s howl.

Usually these are healthy dogs which don’t take a cold very easy but can have some breed specific diseases. Most of these are eye disorders as cataracts or corneal dystrophies and at the age of 6 months some copies could develop a laryngeal paralysis. Because of their provenience, Husky Siberians don’t tolerate heat as well as other breeds. Thus, you should keep them in a cool environment. They need daily brushing as they are shedding all the time.

The Siberian Husky are noble and friendly dogs but in the same time bold and alert. They don’t have the qualities that defense and watching dogs have but are thoughtful and independent vital requirement for sled dogs. The adult dog is reserved and has a dignified attitude a strong character and is very intelligent. It is always willing to play and to work, loves children and these qualities recommend it as an excellent companion dog. They don’t like loneliness pack dog. Thus, the nicest present for a Husky is a fellow with which it can play as they like and thus you’ll be more comfortable. This dog is not a gourmet, it is satisfied with less but it’s important that the alimentation is well chosen as that the dog will be healthy and in shape.

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