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Russian blue cat

July - 16 - 2012

Supple and graceful, warm, friendly and loyal, Russian Blue cats surprise with the blue color of their fur. Once considered the czar’s favorites they enjoy today a great popularity among the cat lovers. The Russian Blue cat is widely regarded as a perfect gift, if you know the receiver is looking for company. Surely, these cats would make a nice pet gift for your mom birthday, as this event is quickly approaching.

The origins of this breed are uncertain although it is thought that they would be originating from Northern Russia and brought in the rest of Europe starting with the second half of the XIX century by the British sailors. From 1912 the breed was recognized as a distinct category from the class of blue cats.

The appearance of Russian Blue cats is a “wild” one: a long body supple and graceful and although they seem to be sensitive, these cats are actually quite strong and muscular. The head is conical and the face seems wider than is in reality because of the distanced position of the eyes and of the rich facial hair. The ears are big and also well spaced and wide at the base. The almond eyes are always of a green lit color. They have long feet with thin bones and the tail is long with rounded tip. The most characteristic feature is her spectacular fur, silky as plush and thick. As expected, Russian Blue cat is found just in one color, blue compact. The color breeders name blue is actually a bright grey, silvery.

Very affective, yet they will give full attention and all their affection only to one person and remain attached to this. This cat has is a one man’s pet, so if you choose to offer it as a gift, its owner will be spoiled with affection. They are very friendly indeed but as growing they will become shy against strangers. Russian Blue cats adapts easily to the environment which they grow in (expect that they don’t appreciate noisy places) and they are excellent cats for apartment and for especially for persons with a busy lifestyle. A specific feature for this breed is a superior intelligence compared with another breeds and the ability to soothe people feeling the human emotions.

To fit the standard required by cat breeders a Russian Blue cat has to have first a very good physical condition, firm muscles and to be lively. This breed cat is a natural one, spontaneously resulted and not hybrid (obtained through selective crossing between other cats) which is the situation with most of the recently appeared breeds. Russian blue cats have just few health problems and are not prone to genetic defects. It was discovered that they are hypoallergenic thus they are ideal for sensitive persons. Average life expectancy for these cats is 15 years. Thus, if you know your mom is a cat lover and you have not had the chance to think of some special mothers day gifts to offer her, then why not consider a pet? You can easily tell that the Russian Blue cat is the perfect companion.

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