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When you own a cat it becomes part of the family. It is therefore no surprise that as with any other family member you would want your cat to live out its life in happiness. Unfortunately as with human health it is impossible to guarantee that your beloved pet won’t fall ill or have an […]

Boxers love company especially that of children. If you wish a watch dog than this is the one you should be looking for. This type of dog likes moderate temperature, not too hot and not too cold. If you live in an apartment make sure it gets enough exercise, it is important for its health […]

Dalmatian are wonderful pets, they are good watch dogs, they are kind and very loyal to its family. They are very good to have around children but you should be careful in you have toddlers because they tend to be more energetic than them. The need a lot of attention from the family also in […]

Persian cats

June - 9 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

It is believed that around 1850, diplomats who were traveling around world began to bring to their families in British Empire and Mainland Europe few longhaired kittens from Middle East. These were the Persian cats (they’ve received the name as the country of origin- Persia). Persians had an immediate success in England, Italy and France […]

British bulldog

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The English bulldog has a troubled past starting with his initial origins in the Asian Mastiff known for his aggressiveness in bulls and bears hunting during the ancient times. In 1835 this dreadfully “sport” was declared illegal. Thanks to efforts of some dog lovers from England, the English bulldog was still increased and trained even […]

The Siberian Husky appeared for the first time in North Asia being used as sled dogs by the Normandy populations than the breed was brought in Alaska in 1909. It remained very few Husky dogs in their homeland most of them being exported in America after the race to deliver serum against diphtheria in 1925 […]

Shar-Pei is a traditional dog in China, where beside fights it’s also used for hunting, shepherded and defense. His name means “folded sandy fur” and describes him very well. When puppies, shar-pei dogs are very wrinkled but some of them keep the folds also at maturity. As initially was thought as a breed of fight […]