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How to take care of a Boxer

July - 6 - 2011

Boxers love company especially that of children. If you wish a watch dog than this is the one you should be looking for. This type of dog likes moderate temperature, not too hot and not too cold. If you live in an apartment make sure it gets enough exercise, it is important for its health and its physical condition.

After you have bought your boxer make sure that it gets all the vaccines it needs in order to have a good start in its growing process. Before you buy anything consult your veterinarian regarding products which keep fleas away and also ask him which in the proper way to worm your dog.

Food is also important in the growth process of your boxer. Make sure that he gets enough meat, the procentage in the food should be like this: 4% or less of fibers, 30% of raw protein and 20% of raw fat.

When it comes to its hygiene you must not worry because it does not need frequent baths. Because of its short fur is doe not get dirty so easily. Make sure you trim its nails on a regular basis and brush its hair with an appropriate brush, preferably a firm one.

If you have a boxer puppy you should buy it a crate because it is very useful. It is comforting for the puppy simply because it is a quiet place. You can use the crate as a training tool or you can use it as a way to treat any anxiety issues that the dog may have.

Training is very important for the boxer and it should be done from an early age. Because they are intelligent dogs they learn fast but if left untrained they will start to get into trouble. They love to jump on people so make sure you eliminate this behavior as quickly as possible.

Search on the internet or ask your veterinarian about heath problems that occur at boxers. You will find out that the most common problems are: aortic stenosi which is a heart condition,  hip dysplasia,  bloat,  hypothyroidism which is a disease that slows the body down and tumors.

The average life of a boxer is up to 12 years so enjoy them. Some good thing that you will enjoy if you consider getting a boxer are: the fact that they do not bark a lot and they can sit beside you for hours.

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