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The Saint Bernard is the type of dog which does not like to be alone and who loves to be around family. Because of the size they must be trained from a very early age so as to become more maneuverable when it reaches adulthood. They cannot live in an apartment because they are very big and take up a lot of space.

Vaccine your dog as soon as you purchase it and take it once a year to have its booster shots. Talk to your vet about what anti flea products are best for your dog. You should worm your Saint Bernard once every three months.

Avoid giving this dog a big meal once a day. They are predisposed to bloating so you should portion its meals into two or three meals per day. This is one of the largest dog breeds so its no surprise that it enjoys a good meal. However, in order for it to be healthy it is important for you to be responsible with its meals. The amount of food you should give it has to be between 6 to 12 cups per day.

Like most dogs you should give it only high quality of food. Do not feed it table scraps because they are not good for their health, also make sure that you respect the percentage that a meal must contain: 4 % fiber, 20 % raw fat and 30 % raw protein.

The most common condition of this dog is hip dysplasia. To learn more about this problem you should go to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or talk to your vet. It is important for you to be familiar with the causes, symptoms and treatment for this condition as it can be a serious threat to the well being of large dog breeds.

Because of its size the Saint Bernard can be hard to control, even thou they are loyal and obedient from nature, which is why they need to be trained from a very early age. Another thing you should do is make it socialize with other pets and children.

When you take your dog out for walks make sure you keep it on a leash. They do not move fast but they can become uncontrollable if they want something. If you have puppies do not make them to a lot of exercises because their bones are delicate and still forming.

Brushing should be done only when the dog needs it and the same thing goes for bathing, they should be bath only when they are dirty. Keep in mind that they have a lot of fur so the more you brush it the less chances of heavy shedding. Their nails should be cut once every two or three weeks.

They are expected to live up to 10 years if they do not encounter any serious health problems.

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