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How to care for a Pomeranian

January - 9 - 2012

The Pomeranian is a small and fluffy dog which looks like a fox. Even though they are tiny they are very loving creatures and usually impress people with their extraordinary personality. They do not confront, during their lives, with sever health problems which is why they live a very long period of time. However they do have some health issues which should be known by the owner in order to prevent the as much as possible. But other than that, they make great pets and if you have a Pomeranian and are looking for gifts or accessories, you can get pet gifts from the Internet.

The first thing you should do when you purchase a female Pomeranian is get it neutered because you want to make sure that you will properly care for it all the time and not have to worry about other Pomeranians. If you do this before the female’s first heat you will prevent it from serious health problems such as ovarian cancer, uterine infections or even cancer and breast cancer. As far as males are concerned, if you neuter them you will also help them because you will reduce the possibilities of prostate problems, curb aggression and testicular cancer.

Make sure your dog has all its shots up to date and that you take it to regular checkups at the veterinarian. Protect your dog from fleas by buying the appropriate products. You can also examine your pet monthly in the comfort of your home by checking the ears, nose, teeth, gums and skin.

Brush you dog’s teeth every day because like all toy dogs they are prone to decays. To make sure you are doing it the right way ask your veterinarian what are the best toothbrush and toothpaste as well as how often should they be brushed. There are also available biscuits for tart control which are very good for your dog’s teeth.

The proper food is very important for the Pomeranian, the main ingredient should be meat followed by a balance of fats, fibers, vitamins minerals, carbs and proteins. Dry food is the preferred option because is better for the teeth but you can mix it with can food. You can even make it a homemade diet but whatever you do don’t feet it table scraps.

When it comes to grooming you should know that this breed needs monthly baths and nail trimming, regular cleaning of the ears with a cotton ball and brush the coat gently. Make sure you keep it inside when it is very hot outside.

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