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How to Care for a Dalmatian

July - 1 - 2011

Dalmatian are wonderful pets, they are good watch dogs, they are kind and very loyal to its family. They are very good to have around children but you should be careful in you have toddlers because they tend to be more energetic than them. The need a lot of attention from the family also in needs a lot of exercise in order to stay healthy.

You need to take it to the veterinarian regularly to have all its shots done because it is sensible to diseases. You should worm your dog every three months and ask your veterinarian what is the best flea product for it.

The food you give to your dalmatian should be of high quality and the primary ingredient must be meat. The percentage in the food should be like this: no less that 22 percent of raw protein, 4 percent or less of fiber and raw protein no less than 22 percent. An adult dalmatian need between 3 to 6 cups of food per day, puppies should be feed 3 cups of four per day.

Make sure that your dalmatian socializes with people and other animals because they can be timid if they do not socialize.

Since they are very energetic dogs they need to be trained from an early age so as to to teach it to control itself. Make sure you have a big backyard because they like to run, also run with them two or three times a day is order to stay active and healthy. Do not isolate them in the yard because they need to be around people.

Brush them every day in order to prevent excessive shedding. They do not need to be washed all the time because they do not smell and they keep clean. What you do need to do is trim its nails once every two or three weeks.

When the cold weather starts move them indoors because they are not the kind of dogs which resist to cold temperatures. Because of their sensitive skin they can become ill if they are not protected from bad weather.

They weigh up to 55 pounds and the can reach 24 inches in height, the females are smaller they can reach up to 22 inches. They can live up to 12 years.

Go to check ups once every six month because they can suffer from deafness. They can also suffer from skin allergies and urinary stones.

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