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How to care for a Beagle

January - 9 - 2012

The Beagle is one of the most energetic of all dog breeds. The beagle is a hunting dog which is why it should be kept in a secure yard or on a leash at all times just to make sure it does not go running around after a real or imagined pray. They are normal dogs which need normal grooming. As their face suggests, they are kind and loving dogs. You don’t need any convincing in order to fall in love with these dogs. Just take a look at a dog breeds picture and you will discover an adorable companion.

Here are some guide lines on how to take care of your Beagle:

1. Take your dog to the veterinarians as soon as you purchase it and give it all its shots. After you have done that ask your vet about the future vaccines you will have to do to your dog also what are the appropriate products for fleas and heart worm. Also ask him about worming your dog.

2. The food you give it has to be of high quality. Whatever you do don’t feed it food scraps from your table. When you are training your dog make sure you portion your treats in smaller pieces that they usually are because the Beagle love to eat and is a remarkable beggar.

3. This breed is a moderate shredder which means that you have to brush the fur several times a week. Buy a special glove which is destined to make your dog’s fur look shinny.

4. Every time you brush you dog make sure that at the end you clean the dog’s ears in order to prevent infections. This care ritual is required not only by a Beagle but by all dog breeds.

5. The beagle does not need frequent bathing and you can even wash it in the comfort of your home

6. Make sure it gets its daily exercise, so if you live in an apartment pick a person which is willing to spend from 30 to 90 minutes per day playing with your beagle.

7. If you want to start training your beagle you should know that you have to be patient and positive because they can be stubborn.

8. Another thing that you should take into account is its weight. Whatever you do don’t let is gain extra weight because if you do it will develop heart problems such as arthritis and heart problems.

9. Search and learn everything there is to know about the dog’s health problems:  epilepsy, cherry eye, back problems, cataracts, hypothyroidism, retinal dysplasia, cancer, kidney failure and dry eye. Over the internet you can find one or more dog breeds picture featuring visible symptoms that you can use in order to keep an eye on your dog’s health. Furthermore you should also monitor the dog’s behavior as some symptoms are not reflected by its exterior but by its mood and behavior.

10. They can leave up to 15 years.

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An important thing that you should know is to keep in indoors as well as outdoors, they should be kept indoors at night. Avoid living it along for long periods of time because they will start to bark louder and louder.

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