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Devon Rex Cat

October - 23 - 2011

This cat appeared in England in the county of Devon, when a tousle-haired kitten abandoned in a deserted mine was found in 1960 by Beryl Cox and then used in breeding, thus founding the Devon Rex breed. Being a relatively new breed, Devon Rex is carefully cross-breed with exemplars of American and British Shorthair breed to strengthen the existing gene ground.

The Devon Rex breed is characterized by a triangular head with short muzzle and prominent cheekbones, a firm chin and rounded cheeks. The ears are large with slightly rounded tips and covered by a fine hair. The whiskers and eyebrows are frieze. The eyes are well apart from one another with a relatively oval shape, well-opened, bright and colored in tone with the coat. Moreover, the body is well developed, medium-sized, supported by long and fine limbs, the posterior ones being slightly longer than the anterior ones. The cat has a long and thin neck, but well harmonized with the neighboring parts.  The Devon Rex loves playing outside, so if you have a garden, it will love spending its time there. However, to avoid your plants from being plucked from the ground, you could invest in some pet gardening gifts, which are quite affordable and also have a decorative purpose.

This breed has a dense and fine hair, soft when is palpated and wavy, which is wonderful aesthetically. The colors are many and there are no restrictions in this regard. Because of many interbreeding, more or less controlled, it is impossible to enumerate or define all varieties precisely. In the vast majority, the varieties obtained so far are not recognized by international associations.

The Devon Rex cat is distinguished by calm, intelligence, sobriety and elegance. It cannot stand being taken in the arms too often, but it loves to sit near its master. The cat is very curious and always interested in contact with people, most of these cats inviting itself in any activity where people are involved. These cats love spending time outdoors and if you decorate your garden with pet gardening gifts, they will surely love it there. Docile pet, it is obedient and understanding also and it easily becomes accustomed with the learning of some basic elements. It moves all the time in the same pace and it likes to know all over the house or the area where it is raised. This cat accepts with pleasure warm places, protected from currents and is not too happy with fluctuations of temperature and noise.

Devon Rex eats everything and has a weakness for foods that are not normally intended for it. Having a wavy coat, this one needs minimal care consisting of a light rubbing with a piece of suede for brightness and increasing the curls. A balanced diet will provide your cat the necessary fat that its coat needs to be maintained in optimal condition. The average life expectancy of the Devon Rex breed is 9-15 years.

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