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Shar-Pei is a traditional dog in China, where beside fights it’s also used for hunting, shepherded and defense. His name means “folded sandy fur” and describes him very well. When puppies, shar-pei dogs are very wrinkled but some of them keep the folds also at maturity. As initially was thought as a breed of fight dogs his skin helped him a lot for this: as being elastic allowed him inaccessible movements for other dogs. Shar-pei dog seems to be grumpy and frown all the time but in fact he is a very friendly, calm and devote dog.

There are two types of shar-pei dogs, both with short and coarse hair colored brown, black, red, cream, chocolate or silver shades. His tongue is blue-black colored (as for Chow-Chow dogs), his head is wide with thick lips, tinny ears and a very funny tail (short, lifted and twisted like a loop). At maturity this dog could weight between 18-25 kg and well cared he can be a wonderful companion for about 10 or 12 years.

Overall, Shar-Pei dogs are healthy but however there are some high frequency diseases this breed faces as glaucoma and hypothyroidism. There is an unexpected phenomenon named “Shar-Pei fever” (intermittent fever and swollen knees – which could mean a first sign for a more severe kidneys disease) and there is also an assumption that Shar-Pei dogs would have dermatological problems because of their “wrinkles”. Although, it seems the problem would not be the folds but mainly hereditary problems. Most of the dogs from Shar-Pei breed drool a lot and this amplifies when something hurts.

Shar-Peis are lovely but also dominant and temperamental dogs thus they need a firm and authoritarian master. The dog will obey only commands coming from the persons who succeeded to impose them respect. They are very lively and hate to be tied or to stay in a cage. They get attached of the family members but are shy with strangers. They hate water and bathing them will be a chore every time. You have to brush them regularly (daily in the shedding period).

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