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Chartreux Cat

June - 21 - 2013

The Chartreux Cat is one of the most exquisite andinnovative gifts for women ever! This breed of French origin is considered as one of the oldest breeds raised in Europe, being cited since the sixteenth century. The name of this breed comes from the monastery Grand Chartreuse in the Alps, where it is today carefully raised by the monks of this facility. Giving one of these precious and elegant looking creatures to the woman you love on her birthday or perhaps on Mother’s Day can be one of the wisest decisions you have ever made.

Robust and powerful breed, the Chartreux cat is characterized by a relatively round head, influenced due to the convex shape of the cheeks. Ears are medium sized with slightly rounded tips and covered by a very fine hair. Placed slightly forward, the ears give the impression that the cat is permanently alert. Moreover, the eyes are large, rounded, expressive, lively and copper or orange colored.

Jaws are very well developed and lips are black-charcoal colored. The tip of the snout and the pads are blue to gray. Besides, the trunk is massive with a large chest, well covered in muscles, while the neck relatively thick and strong. The limbs are medium length, solid, with firm muscles and strong paws. The tail is proportional, slightly rounded and covered with a coat identical with the one on the body.

When the cat moves appears to be a quiet animal, with a great strength and a perfect calm. The body is covered with short hair, dense, fine and silky, which gives the pet a very pleasant aspect. The color of the Chartreux breed may include all shades of blue and gray, but are preferred those with slate-open tone.

It is not allowed to find on the pet’s coat different tones or stripes and spots of any kind.  Although it is a very old breed, there were not allowed other color shades than the classic yet recently appeared the blue-cream variety as a result of mating between Chartreux and the European cream. In this variety the color is not ‘uni-colored’ but two-colored, more or less accepted by breeders.

The Chartreux cat is one of the most thoughtful gifts for women that you can ever make. It is probably best suited for living in small homes and this is because:
– it is a pet with an exceptional behavior, well-balanced and gentle, a very beautiful cat that adapts on the fly with the lifestyle of the family in which she belongs;
-it has a compact coat, consisting of short hairs which recommend her before several breeds for living with children in particular. Therefore you do not have problems with the hair loss with this wonderful breed.

In addition, this breed is greatly appreciated for its gentle and docile nature, quiet and relaxing walking, with self-confident moves, not noisy and very sociable.

They are brave cats in the fight with large or small rodents, very entrepreneurial and they are not starving if left free. Smart and subtle pet, estimates with high accuracy the master’s character without exceeding the limits in the behavior towards him. It is a breed of an unparalleled fidelity, which may refuse to feed to sacrifice if for some reason it is separated from the owner.

She follows its master for walk even uninvited, possessing a very original way of seeing the world and people surrounding it. However sometimes runs away from home and returns after flipping a few days if nothing particular happened meanwhile.

It easily accommodates in the apartment maintenance, it quickly makes friends with those who surround it, but requires the owner to pay attention and affection for what it offers.

The average life expectancy of the Chartreux breed is about 9-15 years.

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