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British bulldog

June - 7 - 2011

The English bulldog has a troubled past starting with his initial origins in the Asian Mastiff known for his aggressiveness in bulls and bears hunting during the ancient times. In 1835 this dreadfully “sport” was declared illegal. Thanks to efforts of some dog lovers from England, the English bulldog was still increased and trained even after fights were prohibited. He kept his size and body shape but his aggressive features were removed and replaced with the qualities of an excellent companion dog.

An English bulldog lives about 7-11 years and weights 24-25 kg males and 22-23 kg females. This dog has a quadratic, beefy, very low body, big flattened appearance head and powerful jaws, big round dark eyes and tinny lowered ears. The fur is short and silky usually colored red, brown, white, striped or any other combination besides black. His tail is right or sometimes screwed, like “S” letter.

English bulldog is a very funny and friendly dog. He enjoys playing, loves children but also other animals (he’s not the dog who will run your neighbor’s cats). He’s very sensitive when it comes of those he loves and all he needs is the love of his masters. English bulldog’s nature is a spontaneous, lively and balanced one. As he’s not one of the most resistant dogs it is recommended to stay them away from air currents, extreme temperatures and too low or high humidity. Don’t walk him on high temperatures as he’s very sensitive. Be also careful with his alimentation, he has the tendency to grew fat, and an overweight dog will have sooner or later heart problems.

These dogs need a balanced diet a daily dose provides 300g meat; 350g boiled rice and cooked vegetables. He eats also fish, pasta, cheese, milk (especially if he’s still a puppy) and eggs. Bones (especially chicken and rabbit bones), potatoes, sweets, sauces and bread can cause him problems especially for his stomach.

English bulldogs are heavy dogs, especially at maturity this meaning that they don’t need a lot of physical exercise and movement, they are also happy with three short trips a day. Thus this breed is suitable for less active persons as elderly people or those who simply are too busy and always running out of the time.

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