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Bengal Cats

December - 5 - 2011

Bengal cats are not very needy but they do require some special things. As a whole your cat needs love, attention and grooming. We are going to present to you some of the Bengals need as far as grooming and feeding is concerned:

• Take your cat to the vet on a regular basis just to make sure that it has all its shots done and that it is healthy
• If you have a cat which is smaller than six month then you should consult your vet about feeding instructions
• When the Bengal is under six month you should feed it up to four times a day and gradually reduce the meals, after it has reached eight months, till you reach two meal per day
• Make sure that your cat does not lack fresh water and dry food during the day
• You should change the food when the cat reaches one year. Just to make the transition easier at first mix dry food with wet food and gradually reduce the wet food.
• Make sure that the food you give to your Bengal is quality food and not the type of food you see on TV. Whatever you do don’t feed it food from other animals
• Avoid giving your cat milk because it causes diarrhea.
• Have your cat neutered as soon as possible. If you have a female Bengal then you should have it neutered before its first heat. If you have a male cat then you should do it before it turns 8 months.
• Keep the litter box clean at all times, scoop the poop with the help of a poop scooper and change the sand often
• To make sure that you will not lose your cat put on it an identification tag with your address and number so that people can reach you in case something happiness to it.
• The Bengal does not need to stay outdoors it can sit just fine in the house if it has enough toys, shelves and a scratching post
• The Bengal cat can be trained to walk on a leash but you have to watch out for dogs
• The proper way to hold your cats is to put your hand under its chest and hold its back legs.
• Keep plastic bags away because they can harm themselves with them such as suffocation
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