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Abyssinian Cat

December - 9 - 2011

Although the roots of this breed are found in Ethiopia today, the cat’s origin is English. It is the result of the interbreeding between an Abyssinian male Zula, originated in Ethiopia and the European dark-gray cat. This breed was officially recognized in 1926, after then it has continuously improved to the form found today.

The Abyssinian cat is characterized by a slightly triangular head, relatively long and delicate. The nose has a harmonious development, dark colored and provided with a thin black border. The eyes of the Abyssinian cats are large, expressive, well-opened, almond shaped and surrounded by a black border. The eye color is green, amber or hazel; some enthusiast breeders of these cats say that undoubtedly, the eye color changes after the mood of the cat and her health. Moreover, the ears present a medium development, apart at the base and raised in a typical position, like to sense a possible noise. The tip of their ears is slightly rounded and sometimes there is a tuft of small hairs at their tip, like those present at lynx.
The neck is well developed, proportionally and harmonious, with elegant movements, as well as the entire body.  The trunk is medium sized, long and thin, slim and well proportioned, anchored on long and fine limbs, but firm. The tail is long and round-shaped and thins toward the free end. In addition, the tail as well as the entire body is covered with dense hair that dresses very tight this region.

The typical Abyssinian cat is known as ‘rabbit’, given her color and especially the hair pigmentation in the form of 2-3 lanes. The hairs such colored are distributed over the whole body without forming spots or drawings, but the lower regions are lighter making the coat to be of a brown to reddish-dark as the rabbit, hence the name. After the main color of the coat there are several varieties of Abyssinian cats of which eight are already recognized. Besides, the appearance of the Abyssinian cat, whether at rest or moving, is very seductive. Lively cat, very nimble and with a remarkable intelligence prove at the same time great caution towards an object or an unknown person.

It is a good companion, gentle and affectionate, very attached to its master to whom it gives in full, provided a reciprocal, otherwise becomes sad and sometimes leaves the inhospitable home. Avoid long periods of time when the cat is left alone since it is not accepting loneliness, but also it is not happy when there are more cats in the house.

This cat needs room to move, and if it grows in an apartment you should offer it the possibility to move freely from one room to another. Because it likes to contemplate everything from height, not to wonder if you will see it on the closet, and if it benefits of a garden then it will be very happy to be able to climb the trees and jump with great dexterity and flexibility from one branch to another.

The adult Abyssinian cat weighs about 2.5 to 4 kg, the American variety is more supple – 2.5 to 3 kg, and the European one more robust – 3 to 4 kg. The average life expectancy of the Abyssinian is 12-15 years.

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