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Chartreux Cat

June - 21 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

The Chartreux Cat is one of the most exquisite andinnovative gifts for women ever! This breed of French origin is considered as one of the oldest breeds raised in Europe, being cited since the sixteenth century. The name of this breed comes from the monastery Grand Chartreuse in the Alps, where it is today carefully […]

The Irish setter is a perfect dog if you are looking for a family dog. They are very affectionate and love to be around children. Because of its energy they need to be trained from a very early age just to prevent the bad habits that can appear due to the overflowing enthusiasm. What this […]

Russian blue cat

July - 16 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Supple and graceful, warm, friendly and loyal, Russian Blue cats surprise with the blue color of their fur. Once considered the czar’s favorites they enjoy today a great popularity among the cat lovers. The Russian Blue cat is widely regarded as a perfect gift, if you know the receiver is looking for company. Surely, these […]

The Saint Bernard is the type of dog which does not like to be alone and who loves to be around family. Because of the size they must be trained from a very early age so as to become more maneuverable when it reaches adulthood. They cannot live in an apartment because they are very […]

The Chow Chow dog comes from China and the age of this breed dates as back as the ancient China. Some specialists say that they originate from the Arctic and that they had migrated to Mongolia. The appearance of the Chow Chow is a combination between a bear and a lion. They are known in […]

The Beagle is one of the most energetic of all dog breeds. The beagle is a hunting dog which is why it should be kept in a secure yard or on a leash at all times just to make sure it does not go running around after a real or imagined pray. They are normal […]

The Pomeranian is a small and fluffy dog which looks like a fox. Even though they are tiny they are very loving creatures and usually impress people with their extraordinary personality. They do not confront, during their lives, with sever health problems which is why they live a very long period of time. However they […]

Somali Cat

December - 16 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

The Somali Cat was introduced to the world in the 60s and is a fabricated breed having its origins in the Abyssinian cat with long hair. It is known that the Abyssinian cat has only short hair but in the 1900 it was mixed with a Persian cat and thus appeared the Abyssinian with long […]

Abyssinian Cat

December - 9 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Although the roots of this breed are found in Ethiopia today, the cat’s origin is English. It is the result of the interbreeding between an Abyssinian male Zula, originated in Ethiopia and the European dark-gray cat. This breed was officially recognized in 1926, after then it has continuously improved to the form found today. The […]

Bengal Cats

December - 5 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Bengal cats are not very needy but they do require some special things. As a whole your cat needs love, attention and grooming. We are going to present to you some of the Bengals need as far as grooming and feeding is concerned: • Take your cat to the vet on a regular basis just […]